C-V2X 5G Network Simulator

Realtime Simulation of Car to Anything Communications

Experience a realistic and reliable simulation of V2X communications in a 5G network environment with our advanced simulator. Test and optimize your applications and devices before deployment, supporting various V2X use cases. With a user-friendly interface, flexible configuration options, and comprehensive reporting and analysis features, our simulator is an indispensable tool for anyone working in the V2X field.

Our simulation platform enables realistic testing of C-V2X performance in various traffic scenarios and network conditions. Optimize your connected and automated vehicles‘ connectivity with C-V2X, the communication standard for vehicle networking in 4G and 5G mobile networks.

We offer a comprehensive system-level simulation for the complete 5G data plane protocol stack. With in-depth analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) such as reliability, throughput, and latency, you can evaluate and optimize the performance of your applications. Gain insights into application requirements and determine achievable performance levels with 5G, enabling you to make informed decisions for maximizing the potential of your systems.

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C-V2XSim functions

  • Intuitive operation and easy parameterization of the simulator
  • Comprehensive system of performance indicators (customizable on request)
  • Generation of meaningful reports incl. download function
  • Archiving of your simulation results
  • Comparison function for comparing different simulation runs
  • 2D and 3D visualization of the simulated scenarios

C-V2X Application Areas


Unlock the potential of your highly automated vehicles and ADAS. Enhance safety and efficiency through accurate simulations. Discover how we can elevate your vehicles to new heights.

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Autonomous Driving Systems

Accurately simulate connectivity quality in diverse scenarios for enhanced automated driving systems. Elevate performance and safety to new heights. Discover more!

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5G Network Infrastructure Provider

Optimize infrastructure for C-V2X communication with and gain valuable insights into network performance, coverage, and interference analysis to enhance efficiency and ensure seamless connectivity.

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We enable optimized performance, enhanced safety, and seamless connectivity, empowering businesses and organizations to drive the future of connected transportation.

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About us

The C-V2X simulation is a development of the Fraunhofer IIS (Institute for Integrated Circuits). Through a cooperation partnership with LZE GmbH, it can be made available to interested customers via a licensing model by LZE GmbH.

Fraunhofer IIS (Institute for Integrated Circuits) is a world-leading application-oriented research institution for microelectronic and information technology system solutions and services. Today, it is the largest institute of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

LZE GmbH is the interface that turns inventions into innovations. We offer companies access to new developments and products as well as all services along the market launch. At the same time, we commercialise leading edge technologies from the Fraunhofer Institutes IIS and IISB and the Friedrich-Alexander University.

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